Upcoming Webinar:
Year End Tax Planning Using Charitable Donations

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at 12:00 PM ET

With 2020 fast approaching, now is the time to get strategic with your 2019 tax filing. And decisions that you make today could greatly impact how much you owe, or receive from, the IRS in April.

On this webinar, we'll be focusing on charitable donations, one of the last discretionary deductions that are allowable under the new tax code. The goal in all of this? To help you minimize your tax liability, maximize your refund, and meaningfully invest in Jewish students on campuses nationwide.

On this webinar you will learn how to...

  • Leverage a Qualified Charitable Distribution or a Donor-Advised Fund as part of your larger giving strategy
  • Create a tax efficient charitable giving strategy while minimizing the after tax cost of philanthropy
  • Execute these strategies before the 2019 tax year comes to a close

We look forward to having you join this Michigan Hillel-hosted program to benefit the Hillels and Jewish organizations closest to your heart.


Meet the presenter:


Andrew Bass, CPA, CWM, PFS
Andrew has been a member of the Telemus team since its inception in 2005. As the Chief Wealth Officer, Andrew is responsible for all strategic financial and life management services. He works with high-net-worth members to ensure their financial life plans are designed to achieve realistic goals in both the short and long term. With both his B.B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Michigan, Andrew brings an entire career’s worth of tax and financial services experience to Telemus.