Webinar | Retail Succession Demystified: When, Why and How to Prepare

    | March 13, 2024


    Independent retailers start out with dreams of not only running a successful business but also eventually retiring and maximizing their returns after years of hard work.   As part of his weekly series, Indie Insights, Marc Weiss was joined by Telemus’ Josh Levine, CFP® (Senior Financial Life Advisor & Partner) and Ari Fischman, CFP® (Financial Life Advisor & Partner) to demystify retail business strategies and succession planning and discover the secrets to securing your business's future.

    Whether you're considering stepping back in the near future or just want to ensure your business thrives even when you're not at the helm, this webinar delves into crucial questions that every retailer should answer:

    • When is the best time to implement a succession plan?
    • What is the end game for your retail business?
    • What exit strategies align with your personal and business goals?
    • What does the process of a succession plan look like and what pitfalls can be avoided?

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