The Tax Law & Jobs Act of 2017 made sweeping changes to the federal tax code, including significantly reducing the number of deductions available to taxpayers. To offset these changes, taxpayers are looking for new avenues to reduce their tax burden, and many have found a solution in the form of Cash Balance plans. Though not widely utilized, Cash Balance plans can be a useful vehicle for protecting pre-tax income and boosting retirement savings.

On November 22nd, we hosted a webinar on Cash Balance plans. Specifically, we covered...

  • What Cash Balance plans are
  • How to determine if a Cash Balance plan is a smart investment for you
  • How to maximize the benefits offered by Cash Balance plans
  • The individual factors that impact how you’re able to use Cash Balance plans



Meet the presenters:


Chris MacKenzie, JD
Chris is a Financial Life Advisor and has been a member of the Telemus team since 2016. Chris helps individuals and families make smart decisions with their money through investment strategy, financial guidance, and holistic planning. He assists business owners with evaluating their qualified retirement options including 401(k), profit sharing, and cash balance plans. Additionally, Chris is an active member of the State Bar of Michigan.




Brian Smith
Brian is the Midwest Regional Sales Director for JULY Services and has more has more than 18 years of experience in the retirement planning industry. Prior to joining JULY, Brian worked for Trinity Pension Consultants, The Tegrit Group, Baden Retirement Plan Services, Nationwide and The Guardian.

Brian co-founded the Central Ohio Retirement Professionals (CORP) networking group and is a member of the non-profit group Team Honor, which is made up veterans, their families and fellow patriots who support families of fallen soldiers.

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