IRS Releases Final Anti-Clawback Regulations

  Clients can take advantage of 2017 Tax Act’s increased exemption amount without worrying about law’s sunset. The new...

What is Your Capital Gains Tax Rate? Good Question - It Can Get Confusing

  Here’s what you need to know about the federal income tax rates on capital gains tax (and dividends) under the current rules,...
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Retirement Can Be a Tough Psychological Adjustment. Here Are Some Ways to Adapt.

  Retirees often face a loss of identity—who am I if I am not a practicing physician anymore?—or purpose. Four years into...
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Your Financial Planning Calendar for 2020

  We have some suggestions for bolstering your finances each month, ranging from budgeting in January to checking up on your...
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All the Tax-Friendly Ways Retirees Can Donate to Charity

  There are a few key vehicles that help donors save money while in the holiday spirit, including those that take money directly...
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12 Things to Be Thankful for in 2019

  We've rounded up 12 developments, economic and otherwise, that reveal brighter days ahead in 2020.. If you're a...
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Can I Collect Social Security as a Divorced Spouse and Wait to Claim My Own Retirement Benefit?

  Divorced spouses who don’t qualify for a restricted application are subject to Social Security’s “deemed filing” rule. You can...
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Twenty Charitable Planning Questions for the Holidays

  Each year, the American Endowment Foundation (AEF) donor-advised fund (DAF) shares with our donors a list of questions that can...

How, and Why, to Build a Social Security 'Bridge' With Your 401(k)

  By front-loading withdrawals from 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts until age 70 with a so-called bridge...
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Hoping to Save on Your 2019 Taxes? Time is Running Out

  Whether you’re behind on your income tax withholding for the year or you’re digging for deductions, now is the time to act....
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