Webinar | The State of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

    As we move into the summer months, many people are looking forward to enjoying themselves outside. While we recognize there is a new normal, this still means getting together with family and friends at a pool or lake (at a comfortable social distance, of course) for food and beverages.



    On June 17th, we held a webinar to discuss the alcoholic beverage industry and how it impacts the larger economy. Specifically, we covered:

    • How COVID-19 has impacted the alcoholic beverage industry and its margins
    • What trends we’re seeing in seltzers, craft beers, and domestics
    • Tips for individuals considering entering the beverage industry
    • How alcoholic beverage marketing as changed—and why we don’t see as many beer commercials as we used to


    Josh is a Senior Financial Life Advisor and Partner at Telemus, where he has been a member of the team since its inception in 2005. As a Partner, Josh works with individual members on comprehensive financial life management issues. He also assists business owners with evaluating their qualified retirement options such as 401(k), profit sharing and cash balance plans.

    Prior to joining Telemus, Josh worked at Towers Perrin advising Fortune 100 companies on their employee benefit plans. Josh is a proud graduate of the University of Texas and completed his MBA at Emory University. Josh is an avid soccer player, runner, biker, and competes in many triathlons. He loves to spend time with his family and the family dog.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTER —Howard Wolpin

    Howard Wolpin is a 3rd-generation owner of a family beverage distribution business. He launched Great Lakes Consulting to help business leaders of all kinds develop growth strategies, improve revenue generation, enhance company cultures and much more.

    Howard has extensive knowledge in all aspects of business development and operation with a track record of success and growth. He grew his family’s business to more than a 50% market share at a tumultuous time in Detroit when the city was undergoing bankruptcy, population loss and other challenges. Using his background, experience, proven strategies and vast network, he is able to quickly assess a company’s health and determine what’s needed to grow, optimize and market the businesses.

    Josh Levine

    Josh has been a member of the Telemus team since its inception in 2005. As a Partner and Senior Financial Life Advisor, Josh assists clients with strategy, financial planning, and holistic financial solutions. In addition to servicing clients, Josh is an integral part of the management team responsible for running the business of the firm.

    Josh Levine jlevine@telemus.com

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