Strategic philanthropy is a powerful way to support great causes and reduce your annual tax exposure. For wealthy individuals and families, the donor-advised fund (DAF) has become one of the most popular giving vehicles in the nation, and at Fidelity alone, grants from DAFs supported over 142,000 unique organizations in 2018.1

With all of this mind, we recently held a webinar focused on DAFs.

Watch the webinar recording now to learn…

  • What types of assets you can donate to a DAF
  • How a DAF can help you avoid capital gains taxes and capture deductions
  • Innovative ways to leverage a DAF, including grants and legacy giving
  • How DAFs compare to the other philanthropic vehicles that are in use today

Fidelity Charitable, 2019 Giving Report



Meet the presenters:


Paige Robinson
Paige Robinson is a charitable planning associate at Fidelity Charitable®, an independent public charity that has helped donors support 278,000 nonprofit organizations with nearly $35 billion in grants. The mission of Fidelity Charitable® is to further the American tradition of philanthropy by providing programs that make charitable giving accessible, simple and effective. Ms. Robinson assumed her current role in 2017.

In this role, Ms. Robinson works with advisors in the Great Lakes region to enhance their understanding of Fidelity Charitable’s donor-advised fund program and discuss ways to incorporate charitable giving into clients' overall financial and wealth management plans.




Lauren Genuardi
For Telemus' Chicago office clients, Ms. Genuardi manages portfolios and creates and implements asset allocations. As such, Lauren is involved with detailed manager research and analysis. As well, she develops financial plans and is instrumental in equity and mutual fund research as it relates to client financial and investment goals.

Previously, she was employed by Barrington Strategic Wealth Management Group and Dearborn Partners in similar capacities. Prior to that, she worked at Mesirow Financial Investment Management and as a securities trade assistant for Henry Crown and Company. Lauren has spent her entire career in wealth management with an emphasis on securities and manager analysis, asset allocation, and serving significant clients and families.

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