With the economy showing only faint signs of improvement, President Trump has begun urging states to reopen for business.1 While getting back to work is important for business owners and employees, staying healthy and keeping your business secure is just as important.


On May 14th, we held a webinar with Guidepoint Solutions to discuss what businesses need to consider before reopening to the public. Specifically, we covered:

  • Reopen buildings and facilities for staff, clients, and visitors
  • Develop policies, procedures, post orders, and communications for employees, contractors, and visitors
  • Navigate the various thermal imaging options and identify the right fit
  • Assess the touchless or frictionless technology applications that exist for buildings

ABOUT THE PRESENTER — Johannah Schiffer

Johannah is the Director of People & Places at Telemus, where she focuses on maximizing the potential of the Telemus team by leading the Human Resources functions including: recruiting and retention, employee development, performance management,  compensation and benefits. 


Bradley is the Senior Managing Director of Guidepost Solutions, a global team of investigators, experienced security and technology consultants, and compliance and monitoring experts. Bradley advises clients on compliance and ethics programs and has led high-profile integrity monitorships overseeing publicly held and private companies.


As President of Guidepost Solutions’ Security & Technology Consulting Practice, John works closely with individuals and businesses on matters related to risk mitigation, anti-money laundering, security assessments, due diligence, investigations, crisis management planning, cross border security, event security management, federal consulting and government compliance.


Edward is the Regional Vice PResident of Guidepost Solutions, where he develops results-oriented solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients and specific project requirements for the protection of assets in multiple vertical markets including higher education, corporate, institutional and government.


Angela is the Regional Director for the Guidepost Solutions’ Security & Technology Consulting Division. Angela specializes in emergency management planning, security risk assessments, and physical security assessments, and has worked with clients in diverse sectors, including education, government, healthcare, legal, energy, manufacturing, and commercial real estate.

1U.S. News & World Report, Trump Pushes Economy Reopening, Says Virus Could Kill 100K. (Link)


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