Insurance: It’s Not Just For Your Protection

    | October 29, 2021

    We tend to think of insurance as a way to protect our assets if something bad happens to us: floods, fires, accidents, disability, and so on. But what if it happens to someone else, and you’re responsible? Insurance can protect you — in more ways than you may realize.

    Protecting your financial future is a big part of what we do at Telemus, and insurance plays a vital role in that process. That’s why we’ve created a series of short videos aimed at helping you understand the lesser-known benefits of effective insurance coverage. In this video, Telemus Financial Life Adviser Trever Helmstead discusses the value of liability protection when it comes to protecting your long-term financial future.

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    Trever Helmstead, CFA, CFP®

    Trever has been a member of the Telemus team since 2019. As a Financial Life Advisor, he helps his clients by breaking down big picture planning strategies into manageable and achievable goals. Trever has deep experience working in a variety of financial markets to help his clients navigate uncertain waters and execute their financial life plans. He focuses on emerging affluent and established wealthy clients and families to help them achieve their financial goals.

    Trever Helmstead, CFA, CFP®
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